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Mother Jones magazine on Tumblr
  • May 6, 2011 5:25 pm

    More on that Bill Nye-Waco-moon-God thing.

    So, a story’s making the rounds — again — on Tumblr that Bill Nye was booed for contradicting the Bible in Waco, Texas, by pointing out that the moon doesn’t generate its own light.

    That did, in fact, happen…in April, 2006. And the next night, Nye got on MSNBC’s Countdown to discuss the incident. He insisted that he wasn’t heckled, but lost in all the hubbub was this even more important point he’d hoped to make (emphasis added):

    UNGER: …Let’s start first, though, with what happened to you during that lecture.  Now as a scientist you come across this sort of heckling from time to time?…

    NYE: I have to tell you guys, I didn’t think I was heckled. People left. I don’t remember being heckled. I got a standing O at the end…

    UNGER: Lots of shouts out there. That was kind of a heckle.

    NYE: Let’s—I don’t want to get to far afield here and talk too much about me, but I was talking about how a very famous reverend, Jerry Falwell insisted that he thinks that global climate change, global heating is a myth, and he was going to buy a Chevy Suburban the next time he had an opportunity, and I pointed out that that’s bad.

    And that the literal interpretation of the Bible, to me, is not satisfactory, it’s just not enough information…

    Some people left because they were concerned. Knock yourselves out.  But people—we have taxpayers and voters that don’t believe in global heating, think it’s a myth. That’s not in anybody’s best interest. I’m going to tell you, as a scientist and so on, engineer and taxpayer and voter that global heating, global warming is a very serious problem. And you can’t ignore it. It’s a problem discovered through the process of science.  So it’s a worthy thing.