Mother Jones magazine on Tumblr

Mother Jones magazine on Tumblr
  • June 1, 2012 3:48 pm

    "My brother died in the World Trade Center. I promised myself, if something like this ever happened, I would never hide under a table."

    A man whom police are hailing as a hero in Wednesday’s deadly shooting at a Seattle’s cafe braved gunfire to hurl barstools at the suspect. Identified by police only as “Lawrence,” the man says he didn’t hesitate to put his life in danger, emboldened by the memory of his brother ….

    Lawrence’s actions allowed three customers to escape, according to police. Four others died when Ian L. Stawicki, 40, allegedly unleashed a barrage of bullets inside Café Racer, a University District joint popular with music fans and artists. Two of the men killed were folk musicians and best friends; an aspiring actress and an urban planner also died. Half an hour after the slayings, a mother of two was shot and killed downtown. Police believe Stawicki was responsible for both shootings; the mentally ill man fatally shot himself Wednesday afternoon as police cornered him in West Seattle.

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